Thermal Cameras: What They’re Used For

Following the coronavirus outbreak you might have heard plenty of discussion surrounding thermal imaging cameras. In short, these advanced imaging cameras use infrared technology to detect heat.

Thermal cameras are traditionally used by law enforcement when attempting to detect a suspect, or by the fire service to detect signs of life during a blaze.

However, most recently this technology has been introduced as a means of protection against COVID-19. Cameras have been implemented in busy, high-risk areas to help identify an above average body temperature. Implementing a thermal imaging solution can help protect your workplace and employees against the risk of virus infection. 

How thermal cameras work

Thermal cameras rely on infrared technology to read and display the body temperature of any individual or object that produces heat.

The most significant component to any thermal camera is the temperature sensor, or heat sensor, attached to the camera lens. This sensor allows the user to view the infrared spectrum, which is invisible to the naked eye.

Thermal Cameras. What They’re Used For


This infrared spectrum is usually displayed through a series of colours. Warmer, high temperature areas are traditionally displayed using hues of red, orange and yellow, whereas cooler, low temperature areas are traditionally displayed using hues of blue and purple. Cameras might also display shades of green, this traditionally signifies a neutral, room temperature. However, it is worth noting that whilst this is the traditional colour map, this can differ, certain cameras simply display monochromatic black and white hues, these are sometimes preferred due to the reduced assortment, allowing the user increased focus. 

The thermal imaging solutions supplied by armex are pain-free and simple to use, to view these systems click here.

How to use a thermal camera

Operating a thermal camera tends to be a relatively easy process, with the right guidance anyone should be able to use one.

The most basic of thermal imaging camera is that contained within a handheld, portable device. This form of thermal camera requires the assistance of a user, the user will scan an area/person using the handheld device and a temperature reading will be presented on the display.   

Thermal cameras can also operate without the assistance or supervision of a user. These sophisticated solutions utilise a camera similar to the units used for CCTV, and automatically scan an individual when they are present in a predefined zone. This form of thermal camera can also be integrated to an access control system, requiring a temperature scan be implemented in order to gain access to a particular building or room.

How much are thermal imaging cameras?

Thermal imaging cameras can vary in price depending on an individual’s budget and technical requirements.  armex offer three thermal imaging solutions, each differing in price and spec.

Entry-level thermal imaging

The entry-level thermal imaging solution offered by armex is designed for businesses seeking budget friendly solution, whilst maintaining accuracy.

This solution relies simply relies upon a power supply and can provide a temperature reading without relying on the aid of an operator. This is ideal for a business that values staff time and productivity.

This system operates using a small temperature sensor that provides a reading when presented with the individual’s wrist.

This solution can be integrated as a means of access control, utilising an LED screen that displays the temperature reading and entry signal.

Solutions start from as little as £1,600 plus VAT.


Midrange thermal imaging

The ‘midrange’ thermal imaging solution provided by armex is designed for businesses seeking an affordable solution that remains sophisticated.

This solution records uses a camera system similar to that of CCTV, body temperature is scanned within a 2 second time frame, from a distance of up to 1.5 meters.

This option can be secured to a door, monitoring passing footfall. Similarly, to the ‘entry-level’ solution, this option does not require supervision or an operator and can be integrated with an access control system.

The cost of this solution begins at £3550.00 plus VAT.


Professional thermal imaging

The third and most advanced thermal imaging solution offered by armex is designed for high traffic businesses that value accuracy alongside efficiency.

This solution will also utilise a camera similar to that of your generic CCTV camera. The scanning process will require a person to stand in front of the camera in predefined position. Their temperature will be read almost instantly and displayed upon a monitor. 

This solution is best suited to high traffic areas such as business foyers as they can take multiple reads at the same time.

You can acquire this solution from £5,920 plus VAT.


Why do I need a thermographic camera?

Thermographic cameras are commonly used in a variety of workplaces, they offer a limitless number of potential uses. Originally, this technology would have been conceived for military operations, identifying unauthorised personnel that could pose a potential threat.

However, most recently thermographic cameras have been recognised for their ability to protect against viruses, most notably COVID-19.

Thermal imagery and COVID-19

Installing a thermal imaging solution can help to protect against viruses as they are able to detect whether a fever is present.

An average resting body temperature is considered to be 37°c, anything above this can be considered as having a fever, a common side effect experienced with Coronavirus infections.

It is worth noting that thermal cameras are not an effective means of diagnosing COVID-19. A thermographic camera can only identify a high body temperature, this could be a symptom presented by another virus such as the common flu. In addition to this, an individual infected with COVID-19 might be asymptomatic, in this case they will not identified as they are not suffering with a fever.

Without administering every individual with a COVID-19 test there is no fool proof way to prevent against contamination.  However, introducing a temperature scanning solution serves as a good starting point in protecting any business and it’s employees against the threat of infection.

Getting a thermal camera installed

The team of expert security engineers at armex can source, supply and install thermographic cameras designed to stop viruses at the door.

Our services are offered throughout the UK, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation.

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