Commercial Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Software Is Fast Becoming A Thing Of Everyday Life.

The Technology Is Becoming Affordable And Its Multi-Use Properties Make It An Appropriate Choice For Loss Prevention And Retail.

At armex, we recognise the benefits of implementing this technology in the licensed venue industry. The system allows users to read the facial features of customers on arrival, if the subject has been previously excluded or banned, the user will flag them in the system. Should said person return, the system will flag an alert to the operator, and the person will not be granted entry.

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How facial recognition software works

Facial recognition describes the process of recognising and identifying a person using a captured image of their face.

This captured image is then transformed into a series of digital information based on the unique identifiers, otherwise referred to as ‘facial landmarks,’ related to that specific person’s facial features.

A unique facial signature is then developed, this signature can be compared to a database of known faces in order to determine the identity of an individual.

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Why Armex pro

Discover Armex Pro and harness the power of world-class innovation and smart AI to protect your property.

The Guard+ technology system actively deters intruders in real-time, with sirens and pre-recorded alarm messages, stopping threats in their tracks and preventing break-ins and thefts.

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The team at armex were recently employed by Nestle’s ‘Prince’s Gate.’ The firm required extensive CCTV

Prince's Gate

armex were awarded the national security contract for the installation and maintenance of CCTV and alarm

Coyote Ugly

armex were awarded a large contract by Swansea City Council to install CCTV systems in the city council car

Swansea City Council

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