CCTV for Hospitality

CCTV within Hospitality

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest in the UK, according to the industry comprises of around 143,000 businesses and is responsible for the employment of an estimated 1.8 million people.

An effective CCTV system can help your business run more efficiently, enhance customer experience, and provide safety for customers and shareholders alike.

At armex, we have years of experience installing advanced CCTV solutions for businesses across the hospitality sector.

Our commercial CCTV packages start from just £25 a month, or can be paid for outright, depending on your budget and requirements. We also offer supply and installation of intruder alarms, access control systems and gate/barrier solutions.

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Benefits of a CCTV installation

A comprehensive CCTV installation by armex can offer you business safety and security in the face of danger, however, CCTV can also prove beneficial to your business in the following ways:

  • Hazard detection – CCTV can help you identify potential hazards and prevent them from developing further. The footage can also provide evidence should a customer or employee suffer an accident on premises.
  • Enhanced customer experience – Customers are more likely to enjoy their experience at your business if they feel safe due to the presence of CCTV.
  • Enhanced security – One of the most obvious benefits associated with a CCTV installation is the increased security it provides, allowing you to detect and deter any criminal activity.
  • Evidence – Should your business or employees/customers fall victim to a crime, your CCTV system can provide vital evidence in identifying and prosecuting those at fault.
  • Improved efficiency – CCTV allows you to monitor your business and identify any pitfalls, that might prevent them from operating efficiently. These pitfalls can then be rectified.

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We have years of experience supplying hospitality businesses with comprehensive CCTV solutions. Some of our previous clients include:

  • Pubs & Bars
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Sports Clubs & Lounges

To find out how we can help you, give us a call today or contact us via our form submission. We’ll discuss your requirements and provide a free, estimated, quote. If you’re happy with our suggestions, we’ll book you in for a site survey.

We’re committed to completing each installation to the highest possible standard, with little disruption to you, your business and your customers.

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Why Armex pro

Discover Armex Pro and harness the power of world-class innovation and smart AI to protect your property.

The Guard+ technology system actively deters intruders in real-time, with sirens and pre-recorded alarm messages, stopping threats in their tracks and preventing break-ins and thefts.

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The team at armex were recently employed by Nestle’s ‘Prince’s Gate.’ The firm required extensive CCTV

Prince's Gate

armex were awarded the national security contract for the installation and maintenance of CCTV and alarm

Coyote Ugly

armex were awarded a large contract by Swansea City Council to install CCTV systems in the city council car

Swansea City Council

Arrange your free review with armex today, Wales’ leading independent security specialists.

We understand the need to protect your domestic or commercial interests. Speak with our professional team and let us show you how using the latest security tech can not only improve your security but also reduce costs.

Our clients include

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