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Security barriers and gate applications are crucial to an effective access control system, with even more specialist solutions such as automated bollards and anti-ram barriers, available upon request. Access and egress methods can be fully integrated with armex access control systems or with third-party systems where required.

What are the Benefits of Gates​

Security gates evidently offer an additional level of security for your home. They also act as a deterrent to any potentially criminal behaviour as a first line of defence.

Security gates can also present a solution for traffic calming measures or control especially if the gates gain direct access to your home driveway or areas where you may have children playing or animals lose around your grounds.

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  • Automated Gates
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Swing security gates offer a greater degree of security than a barrier

There are a selection of automated security gates available, the most popular solution being that of sliding or swing.

Sliding security gates offer the highest level of security as they will withstand the highest amount of force should an intruder attempt to gain entry.

They can protect roadways from 2m up to 15m. Sliding gates are best suited to commercial and industrial applications where security is paramount, these gates also provide a level of convenience as the gate is operated automatically and as such is left unmanned.

Gates suit mid security commercial or residential premises due to their more aesthetically pleasing appearance and simpler installation.


Barriers are best suited to high traffic applications and areas where a fast operation is paramount.

A selection of accessories can be added including skirts, flashing boom arms and strobe barrier casings to indicate the barrier’s movement.

Although the barrier provides a good perimeter, these would not suit unmanned, high-security applications.

armex can provide an end to end solution including civil and electrical work. We also work with clients’ preferred contractors in these areas if there is an existing contractor in place.


Full maintenance and Repair

The team of experienced engineers at armex not only provide installations of security gates and barriers, they are also available for any maintenance or repair work required for existing security gates and barriers.

We aim to respond to your service call in a respectable time period, allowing for minimal disruption to your business, employees or visitors.

Why Armex pro

Discover Armex Pro and harness the power of world-class innovation and smart AI to protect your property.

The Guard+ technology system actively deters intruders in real-time, with sirens and pre-recorded alarm messages, stopping threats in their tracks and preventing break-ins and thefts.

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