Domestic Smart WiFi

Internet and WiFi coverage is essential in today's modern home.

We understand that the modern home has many devices needing strong, reliable and effective WiFi to connect to the internet.

Our range of Smart WiFi products have been specifically designed to seamlessly work across all your devices.

What are the Benefits of Smart WiFi

When building houses, out-buildings or home offices, WiFi distribution within the building is often overlooked and can struggle to be effective.
This poses a particular problem within areas of the property furthest away from your basic service provider’s router. This is because the signals have to pass through walls, floor boards etc.
Our smart WiFi solutions can improve this by distributing WiFi in every corner of your property, offering a safer, high speed, maximum coverage solution. 
Whether you’re a gamer, working from home, or hosting a zoom quiz, our smart WiFi solutions can transform your everyday life.

Looking for a Commercial Smart WiFi? No problem, Click here to view our full range of Smart WiFi products.

  • Indoor WiFi
  • Outdoor WiFi
  • 4G / 5G Internet


Indoor WiFi

Our specialist WiFi access points can distribute powerful WiFi to every nook and cranny of your home, or commercial property, no matter the size.

These access points are connected to a hub using super fast CAT6 cable, and simply connect to your router. 


Outdoor WiFi

Whether it’s linking the comms of multiple buildings, extending WiFi privileges to your patio, or simply providing customer WiFi on the terrace of your bar – we have the solution!

Our smart WiFi solutions can deliver powerful, reliable connections indoor and outdoor. 


4G / 5G Technology

Many rural and agricultural areas suffer with very poor internet speeds that can prove stressful for day-to-day operations, including working from home. Guess what? We have the solution!

We can achieve higher incoming internet speeds using 4G technology. It may sound very complex, but it’s very simple. Book a free 4G survey today to find out more

Small Home

2 x Smart Wi-Fi Access points
  • Installtion included
  • Easy parental locks
  • Training and setup
  • Desktop control and monitoring

Medium Home

4 x Smart Wi-Fi Access points
  • Installation included
  • Easy parental locks
  • Training and setup
  • Desktop / App control

Large Home

4 x Smart Wi-Fi Access points and 1 x External Access point
  • Full internal and external coverage
  • Easy parental locks
  • Training and setup
  • Desktop / App control

Why Armex pro

Discover Armex Pro and harness the power of world-class innovation and smart AI to protect your property.

The Guard+ technology system actively deters intruders in real-time, with sirens and pre-recorded alarm messages, stopping threats in their tracks and preventing break-ins and thefts.

Arrange your free home Smart WiFi today with Wales’ leading independent security specialists.

We understand that you want to protect your loved ones, home and possessions.

Speak with our friendly team today and let us show you that using the latest in Smart Home WiFi is simple, quick and easy.

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