Commercial Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Software Is Fast Becoming A Thing Of Everyday Life.

The Technology Is Becoming Affordable And Its Multi-Use Properties Make It An Appropriate Choice For Loss Prevention And Retail.

At armex, we recognise the benefits of implementing this technology in the licensed venue industry. The system allows users to read the facial features of customers on arrival, if the subject has been previously excluded or banned, the user will flag them in the system. Should said person return, the system will flag an alert to the operator, and the person will not be granted entry.

How facial recognition software works

Facial recognition describes the process of recognising and identifying a person using a captured image of their face.

This captured image is then transformed into a series of digital information based on the unique identifiers, otherwise referred to as ‘facial landmarks,’ related to that specific person’s facial features.

A unique facial signature is then developed, this signature can be compared to a database of known faces in order to determine the identity of an individual.

  • Benefits of facial recognition software
  • for Access Control
  • for Security
  • for Marketing
  • Facial Recognition & GDPR Compliance


Benefits of facial recognition software

Implementing facial recognition software can be hugely beneficial for many industries, the system is able to identify unique properties of each facial input and consequently recognise a user and their unique features.

Facial recognition software is incredibly accurate and highly capable of identifying a singular person from a crowd in record timing. Utilising the human face as a means of security identification is highly efficient as this biometric identity is unique to each individual.


For Access Control

Ensuring a building’s safety from unauthorised personnel is crucial, biometric facial recognition is an effective and superior tool in controlling who enters and exits your premises. Facial recognition allows operators to scan and identify an individual’s face, using the unique facial features to create a database. Access can then be granted or denied based on this database.


For Security

Facial recognition software can be applied as a security measure in high-risk locations. This solution allows security personnel to identify a potential threat in a large crowd, facial recognition software can recognise the identity of a person flagged as a potential danger and an instant notification will be sent to relevant authorities. Once alerted, law enforcement or security personnel can then take the appropriate precautions.



For Marketing

Facial recognition software can help marketers to improve targeting and profiling. The AI technology utilised in facial recognition software will allow marketers to tailor advertisements to your specific preferences.

For instance, passing billboards will no longer display run-of-the-mill, automated advertisements, but rather, a unique advertisement targeting your preferences based on the profile triggered by your unique token – your face.

Industries such as retail will also benefit from facial recognition technology, possessing the ability to monitor their customer’s behaviour closely, recognising each and every time a customer enters a store. Marketing campaigns can then target customers based on these recognised behavioural patterns.



Facial recognition software can be designed with GDPR (general data protection regulations) compliance in mind.

The software is able to detect faces using facial features as identifiers, these identifiers are unique to each individual and as such are impossible to replicate.

Facial recognition software can be programmed so as to totally erase any data following a lapse of time. The data, or images, is not stored by the client and as such the identity of the user remains secure and protected.

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