Commercial Access Control

What are the Benefits of Access Control?

Restriction of specific areas – Users can assign access to specific areas only to the relevant personnel. This access can be further restricted during specific hours of the day.

Difficult to replicate – A physical key can easily be replicated and used by unauthorised personnel. Whereas, a key-code or biometric token cannot be lost/replicated, replicating a proximity token will present a challenge.

Monitoring access – Operators are able to monitor the history of exit and entry through access-controlled doors, they are capable of recording identity, time and location.

Settling disputes – In the unfortunate event of a crime, access control can provide significant evidence towards identifying the offender, as the token used to grant access to the building will have been recorded by the system.

Armex Offers A Variety Of High-Quality Access Control Systems, Designed To Ensure The Utmost Protection And Security For You And Your Business.

Security is our top priority, which is why in addition to the access we also provide the control. On-line systems allow the administration of the access through a PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Your business is in complete control, from the adding and deleting of key-code, proximity or bio tokens, to running payroll reports based on the movement of the system users.

Installing an access control system removes the hassle of having to change the locks following key loss or theft. Access control tokens can be easily removed or changed following a potential security breach.

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  • Keycode access control
  • Proximity access control
  • Biometric access control


The most cost-effective Method of granting access

Keycode access control requires a simple four or, six-digit code be entered into a keypad situated at the point of access.

Following the installation of a key code access system, all doors controlled via the system will automatically lock after door closure, those without knowledge of the 4-6-digit pin will find themselves unable to enter.

This is a cost-effective access control solution; however, it does bear the risk of becoming compromised if the code is shared. This form of access control can be administered via an on-line or offline system.


the most popular method of granting access.

Proximity tokens are available as one of many different formats, these include cards, key-fobs, wristwatches, mobile NFC and BLE. The system user will swipe/present their proximity token against a reader at the point of access. 

The user benefits from improved security and administration features, for instance, the ability to add and delete proximity tokens as and when required. Online administration also allows for flexible access management, such as restricting access to specific areas, only accessible to those with the relevant authority.

A potential risk associated with this format of access control is that ‘keys’ can be all too easily lost or stolen. Should a lost or stolen proximity token be reported immediately the access rights can be withdrawn instantly. However, the security of your property or its assets is reliant upon how quickly the missing token is realised and reported.


The most secure method of granting access

Biometric Access Control Systems Can Read A Fingerprint, Retina Or Even An Individual’s Face.

A system user will present either their eye, fingerprint or full face, to a reader mounted in a convenient location at the point of access.

This is a top of the range solution, ideal when unique identity tokens are essential. This system eliminates the need for numerous proximity tokens and is ideally suited to large organisations or high traffic areas.

Any of the above access methods can be combined in any way required in an online solution, only keycode and proximity are supported in offline solutions.

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